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The development of the urban area of ​​the valley of “Vincio di Montagnana” river around the church called Pieve di San Pancrazio, began already in the Middle Ages, in the Lombard era. It Is one of the parishes with the most ancient documentation in Pistoia: it dates back, in fact, to 700 AD, according to a document certifying the existence of the parish church, then disputed between the diocese of Pistoia and that of Lucca.


The Church built a mill, a fulling mill and an oil mill, making the best use of the water channeled energy in an advanced system of gore and derivations. The Cellesi were the family to which the Church entrusted the management of all its assets and then they became its real owners in the years around 1400. The Cellesi bequeathed all their assets to the Marchetti, who were their friends and neighbors and were also linked to the Cellesi from a wedding.


The family’s heirs still own most of the buildings: the Villa Marchetti above the Pieve, which was one of the family’s summer homes, and then the historical houses of the farmers who depended on the family, including the building with the oil mill and the mill, intended today for agritourism. The Marchetti estate was vast and in its various farms it produced wood, oil, wine, chestnut flour and various types of cereal flour. 

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Today the farm is owned by the young descendants of the Marchetti family, who manage it with more modern means but always respecting the cultural traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Book a guided tour of the farm to learn about the secrets of the place and the family traditions from the 1300s to today, the visit is free for guests!

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